Friday, February 5, 2016

4 Essential Elements To Watch For When Searching For In-Home Elderly Care

There comes a time when family members may no longer be able to handle the care giving of their aging parents.  While no one can be a substitute for family care, whether the strain of an elderly family member needing care is physical or emotional or both, when the time comes to hire a caregiver, we would like to share 4 essential elements to watch for when searching for the best option for your loved one.  Above and beyond the critical elements of finding a care giving agency that is fully bonded, insured and trustworthy, it is essential to also look for an agency that trains its caregivers to add that special touch of care and attention for your loved ones. 

When the necessities of life have become a burden, and your aging parent is no longer able to bath themselves, or remember where they last put their glasses, even forgetting the names of their close ones, or feeling difficulty in getting up from the chair, matter what age, the primary purpose of the care giving agency you choose should not only provide excellent 24/7 in home care, but also implement the following “extra” caring essentials: 

1.            Incorporation of Mood Boosters in Daily Routine

Life gets all the more difficult when frictional physical mobility or diseases like Hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia interfere with daily routine.  Be sure you look for an agency that incorporates mood-boosting techniques in their elderly care giving services. It helps improve old age hormonal balance and also enables your elderly loved one to enjoy the most vulnerable time of their lives in an anxiety-free manner.

2.            Responsiveness to Subtle Clues

Not every person has the ability to explain pain or feelings of discomfort. When an elderly person requests a foot massage, the purpose may be to get comfortable, but it may also be to get comfort and relief from emotional pain. Make sure the agency you hire has caregivers who are well trained in perceiving subtle clues to ensure proper awareness of your elderly parent’s needs.

3.            Interpretation of Actions

Communication is one of the weakest links in all of our lives today. Even modern families do not communicate the way the generations before us used to communicate. While technology has bridged the gap in engaging in “instant” virtual communication, it has also pulled interpersonal communication apart, and this is what our elderly relatives miss the most. When the elderly miss their families or become homesick for the past, they can become anxious and often communicate it with their actions. Rudeness and reduced appetite are only two signs of anxiety. Just like a mother must learn to understand the needs of her crying baby, in-home caregivers need to be able to accurately interpret the behavior of your loved one’s needs so that they can to unveil any problem areas.

4.            Adaptability to In-Home Care Management

It is essential to not only look for in-home care giving services that offer 24/7 care, but to also ensure that caregivers are trained to fully adapt to and implement the best in-home care management practices, including, but not limited to the following.

             Medical alert reporting

             Regular and safe mealtime assistance

             Bathing and bathroom assistance

             Mobility assistance

             Communication training

             Assistance for visually and hearing impaired

             Mood management

             In-home culture management

             Routine hygiene maintenance such as shaving and dental care

We hope these 4 Essential Tips were helpful in your search to find the best care-giving agency to provide the in-home senior care you need.  At Home Care Advantage Care Giving Agency, our caregivers strive to provide all of the above essentials and more, while offering 24/7 guaranteed coverage to bring peace of mind to the elderly we serve, as well as to their families—all the time.  Call us today (707) 205-4343 for a free in-home assessment, as we would be more than happy to work with you to ensure your needs are met in providing excellent compassionate in-home care for your elderly loved one.