Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tips for Seniors to Improve Memory: PART 2

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, have you been eating your memory enhancing, Omega 3 fish? Nonsense, you say!  Maybe.  Maybe not.  If what Dr. Seuss once said --“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells” – then perhaps fish and nonsense may both be good for your memory! 

Well, if you think our previous post was too fishy, here’s a significantly more delicious tip you may want to try to help protect your brain.   

Tip #2: Antioxidants 

As people get older, substances called free radicals, which are floating through the bloodstream, will break down the brain cells. If you don’t put up a fight, you’ll experience loss of memory as you age. However, there are a good deal of antioxidant food sources to choose from. Antioxidants will merge with these free radicals, making them harmless. Make sure you eat foods that have this healthy food source. Several good sources of antioxidants include:

Blueberries (other berries too)
Red grapes
Whole grains 

Whether we’re focusing on prevention or treatment, learning and managing neural medical conditions that affect memory loss should be addressed with compassion and treated accordingly. Home Care Advantage caregivers understand that the seniors they are providing 24/7 in home care for, might have degenerative or hereditary disease that can affect their memory or their cognitive functions.  Every caregiver is trained to carefully follow whatever medical treatment and exercise routine is recommended by medical professionals to help seniors improve their mental functions.
Elderly Care Giving Santa Rosa
At Home Care Advantage, we have caregivers who are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy. Our elderly caregiving services and specialized packages are tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients to provide comfort and assistance to the people you care about.  You may reach out to us on Facebook or call us at (707) 205-4343 for more information on our 24/7 in-home care giving services in Sonoma County, California.


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