Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tips For Seniors To Improve Memory: Part 6

One of the biggest challenges of aging is memory loss, but you don't have to accept it without a fight. As we've shown in our series so far, there are several ways to keep your brain as sharp as it has always been, even when you’re receiving in home senior care. In fact, we're already at tip # 6, which is music!

Did you know that music stimulates every known part of the brain? Both the left and right hemispheres are activated when music is heard, with the left hemisphere of your brain focusing on the structure and the right hemisphere focusing on melody. This means that music delivers a total workout for the brain. 

Tip #6  Play a Musical Instrument  

But if you want to take it to another level, don't just listen to music--create it. Not only is playing music a productive hobby that makes good use of your free time, it's also an effective mental exercise that keeps the brain's processes fast, particularly for auditory signals. Called neural timing, this process slows down as people age (which is why caregiving for seniors often involves hearing aids)--though studies have shown that is not the case with musicians.

So pick up a musical instrument now and learn to play a song. It could be a ukulele, a grand piano, or a set of drums -- it doesn't matter what you choose. What's important is that you pick a musical instrument you'll love to play.  At Home Care Advantage, our in home caregiving service providers are aware of this need, so they'll happily adjust to including your newfound passion into the daily routine.

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