Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tips for Choosing In-Home Caregivers for Your Elderly Loved One: Part 2

After you have completed an interview and asked the potential in-home caregiver questions about different situations, you will have to make a decision about who will provide quality in home senior care for your loved one.
As you know, it is important to select someone who you feel will properly handle the events of the day and react appropriately.  Know as much as you can about your loved one's illness, disability or limitations before you ultimately select the worker because this will only help!
Keep in mind that you also want to select an in home senior care giver that will encourage the independence of the person being cared for! For example, could your new home care worker do things to improve the memory of your senior? Or even tips to maintain optimum health and an active exercise plan?
Trust your instincts when you make the decision about who will care for your loved one. Remember that you do not want to try to do too much and you need time to relax. The need for a break in assisting your elderly loved one is why you are looking for an in-home care worker! Select the senior in home care giver who will effectively balance caring for the loved one while also giving him or her enough of a sense of independence.
As you can see, selecting the right caregiver is an important decision and you may have some doubts about who is the right fit, but also keep in mind that if you need more advice, you can schedule a FREE in-home care giving assessment for your situation by calling Home Care Advantage experts at (707) 205-4343 or contact us on Facebook!