Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Proactive Ways to Overcome Loneliness in Seniors: Part 1

Loneliness in seniors may not seem like an earth-shattering issue, but  it is a widespread condition that affects many older citizens, and by extension, their loved ones. Almost half of all Americans over 65 are either divorced, widowed, or separated, and nearly as many are also disabled in some way. In-home senior care can help overcome this loneliness in some of the following ways.
Arrange for transportation
When seniors cannot drive themselves, and lack the means to get around town, they begin to withdraw from society in general, and participate much less in the world around them. Those who are assisted by senior care-giving and have transportation provided for them, can still go grocery shopping, visit friends, and attend social events beyond the confines of the home.
Keep socially active
Studies have shown conclusively that seniors who stay socially active, will live longer and fuller lives, compared to those who are relatively confined to their homes. There are any number of activities which seniors can and should be involved in, so as to increase their sense of well-being, and improve their outlook on life. Shared activities like exercise classes, arts and crafts, field trips, movies, and entertainment events can help keep seniors involved and enjoying life.
Loneliness is the inevitable result for seniors when they cease participating in life around them. With a program of senior in-home care that includes keeping your loved one active and socially engaged, you will be contributing significantly to their overall quality of life.

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