Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Proactive Ways to Overcome Loneliness in Seniors: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we touched on the issue of loneliness among seniors both living independently and in assisted living facilities. If you're an in home care giver for a parent or other family member, you risk burn out and loneliness yourself by dedicating 100% of your time to caring. Hiring in home senior care services even for just socialization, helps overcomes loneliness in both seniors and their family care givers.
Relieve the Primary Caregiver
First, professional senior care giving relieves the spouse, child, or other related caregiver so they can go meet with friends, take care of errands, or just relax at the park for a few hours. This prevents the caretaker from accidentally isolating themselves and the senior.
Introduce New Faces
And secondly, it’s vital to always be introducing new faces. Whether it be because of other health issues, dementia or any cognitive related conditions that caused their isolation, be sure to always be expanding the social reach of your elderly loved ones.  An occasional visiting senior in home care giver can introduce a new element to the daily routine that can preserve memory and mental function. Introducing new faces while a senior still has strong cognitive abilities can prevent disruption later when hiring a professional is absolutely necessary. Making friends and building a relationship with one or a few care givers helps establish a wider group of friends for someone who does not react well to complete strangers.
Plan Mini Excursions
A third tip to add to your list is to plan mini excursions to provide stimuli for your senior family member.  Whether that be to the local mall or children’s playground to people watch or to take a trip to a local craft fair or festival, musical performance or live theater, each outing helps seniors who are isolated have a renewed sense of belonging to a community. Bringing in home care giving support would make it easier to take trips and also get you and your senior loved one out of the house more, while alleviating the isolation factor for both.
At Home Care Advantage, we provide in home care assessments and respite care for family caregivers to ensure you have peace of mind when you need a break from caring for your elderly loved one.  Whether your family member needs in home senior care in Santa Rosa, California or the surrounding Sonoma County region, we’re here to help.  Each in home senior caregiver is carefully vetted, bonded, insured, reliable and trustworthy.  Our elderly care giving services are tailored to the requirements of individual clients to provide comfort and assistance to the people you care about most. 
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